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Nanokings » Devlog 6 – Nanokings

Greetings, Vikings! Welcome back to another thrilling chapter of our devlog series for Nanokings. As we venture deeper into development, we’re excited to showcase the remarkable progress we’ve achieved. From refining core mechanics to weaving intricate storytelling, let’s delve into the latest updates that bring our steampunk Viking dystopia to life.

Bugs Fix and Hotfixes:

  • Liberated the boss from its unintended ground asset entanglement, ensuring uninterrupted combat for players.
  • Eliminated the premature victory bug that mistakenly triggered the win effect, even before defeating the boss.
  • Navigational woes resolved as inaccessible cliff edges are now a thing of the past.
  • Bid farewell to the persistent audio anomaly that bombarded menus with repetitive blood splatter sounds.
  • Object selection refined with a more intuitive and efficient mouse click behavior.

New Features and Enhancements:

  • Reimagined Player Abilities: Witness the evolution of gameplay dynamics through a comprehensive restructuring of the Player Ability Class.
  • Guided Learning Experience: The tutorial panel receives an overhaul, delivering an even more intuitive and informative introduction for newcomers.
  • Input Advancements: Introducing a new Input System coupled with expanded controller support for an enhanced control experience.
  • Combat Clarity Amplified: Immerse yourself in battles with newly added damage indicators, offering responsive and insightful combat feedback.
  • Evolving Foes: Enemies exhibit nuanced behaviors thanks to the implementation of an AI Logic State Machine, offering diverse challenges.
  • Visual and Auditory Marvel: The world comes alive with intricate VFX, enriching elements like items, weapons, currency, and pickups.
  • Sonic Resonance: Engage in combat with heightened engagement, as enemies now boast enhanced sound effects, resonating with each clash.
  • Strategic Loot: Explore an array of new pickups, including the Hyper Stone, Health Regen Booster, Stone Runic Chestplate, and Vial of Rage, each contributing to strategic depth.


  • Acoustic Identity: Elevate the experience with meticulously designed sound effects and animations that amplify our company logo animation.
  • Enriched Environments: Traverse newly crafted maps and engage with character assets like Lupina, creating a world teeming with life.
  • Puzzle Unveiling: Test your mettle with the intricate Mega Totem 1 & 2 Puzzles, requiring creative thinking to conquer.
  • Visual Evolution: Characters and enemies now seamlessly blend with ground assets, thanks to advanced shader graphs enhancing visual depth.
  • Explosive VFX: Engage in battles punctuated by mesmerizing visual effects, from fiery explosions to ethereal flourishes.
  • Gateway to Adventure: The main menu receives a facelift, enhancing navigation for a more seamless and enjoyable experience.

As we mark the sixth installment of our devlog series, we’re humbled by the journey we’ve undertaken with Nanokings. Your support remains the bedrock of our progress, and we’re eager to share even more in the upcoming devlogs. Remember to stay connected with us on social media for the latest news and updates, as our steampunk Viking saga continues to unfold. Thank you for being an integral part of this exhilarating adventure, and until our next devlog, forge ahead with courage, for the realm of Myrkrafjordur awaits your legacy.