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NIMRODS: GunCraft Survivor » Devlog #4

Hey everyone!

We hope you guys have enjoyed your turret spam! …lots and lots of turret spam. (We fixed that.)

As we mentioned last week, we’re releasing augments at a much faster rate now. There will be three this week and three next week, then we’ll put on the breaks for a while as we build back up our content buffer and go back to one a week. So, what new goodies did we add this time?

The livingwood Line!

The livingwood line is a set of augments based around HP regeneration. Each of the base parts grants passive HP regeneration, and their upgrades While they work fine together, they really shine out around other augments that depend on HP, such as the Hemolytic Bullets or the Spiked Grip. Their upgrades also center around either healing you or rewarding you for being healthy. See the changelog for more details!

We’re excited for the future of NIMRODS and the release of our upcoming demo on Steam. Stay tuned for an announcement about that this month!

As always, thanks again to everybody that’s reported bugs in our Discord. If you’re not there yet, pop on in! We’d love to see you there! And, as always, if you haven’t wishlisted yet, please do! It’s a big help to us and makes the game more visible to people who might be interested in it!

Get ready for this Thursday, when we’ve got both a new chassis and two new augments coming out. How shocking!

Patch Notes
    Livingwood Stock Line

    Tier 1: Livingwood Stock

  • Increases Max HP by 10, Vision range by 6%, and HP regeneration by 3/min

    Tier 2: Life-Attuned Stock

  • HP Regeneration increased by 1/min for every 2 enemies in your inner view radius

    Tier 3: Stock of Revelation

  • Increases vision range by 45% for three seconds after using any movement ability


  • 40 Red Research, 25 Yellow Research, 40 Blue Research, 15 Chartreuse Research, 5 Cyan Research, 70 credits
    Livingwood Grip

    Tier 1: Livingwood Grip

  • Increases Max HP by 10 and HP regeneration by 4/min

    Tier 2: Grasp of the Situation

  • Whenever your HP increases by one, you suck in all XP in a radius three times as large as your current XP pickup range

    Tier 3: Grasp of the Hinterlands

  • Every 200 kills increases your HP regeneration rate by 1/min. (Counts kills made before taking this augment)


  • 25 Yellow Research, 40 Green Research, 40 Blue Research, 5 Cyan Research, 15 Purple Research, 70 credits
    Livingwood Foregrip

    Tier 1: Livingwood Foregrip

  • Increases Max HP by 10, Movement Ability Cooldown reduced by 10%, and HP regeneration by 2/min

    Tier 2: Attuned Foregrip

  • XP Pickup range increased by 6% for every 10 HP you currently have

    Tier 3: Lifegiver’s Foregrip

  • Every time you take damage, you begin regenerating at the rate of 1 HP/sec. This regeneration lasts for one second per damage you took, and the duration stacks with itself


  • 40 Red Research, 25 Yellow Research, 40 Green Research, 15 Orange Research, 5 Cyan Research, 70 credits

  • Blue research is set to 100% if you beat a run

  • Anyplace we mentioned projectile damage now refers to bullet damage. The two were the same thing, so we clarified them for consistency’s sake

  • The Hollow Out Points minor upgrade now correctly adjusts your stats
  • Fixed a rounding error regarding magazine size that incorrectly reported the size of the magazine you’d have after taking certain magazine-reducing augments
  • Fixed the ability to place infinite T2 and higher turrets
  • Fixed issue where you could research underbarrel augments before unlocking the underbarrel slot
  • Fixes issue where you’d have to research certain underbarrels twice

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