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Keep Those Bugs Away From the Bomb » Devlog #4 – Weapon Classes – Part 1

Hey, folks!

In the previous devlogs I mentioned weapon classes a few times, and this week I’d like to introduce you to two (out of four) weapon classes of the Keep Those Bugs Away From The Bomb universe in more detail.

When making the switch from B.I.O.T.A. Swarm to Keep Those Bugs Away From The Bomb, it was one of my top priorities to make the weapons system as enjoyable as possible. I wanted the weapons and their upgrades to be complex and detailed, so you would enjoy playing around with various combos and loadouts.

Here’s a little rundown of how that will go down using the example of Electric and Fire weapon classes,

Electric class weapons

Weapons in the electric class, as the name implies, run on electricity. They include tasers, lightning generators, and sometimes also faulty cell phone batteries. Here’s a list of ones that are already in the prototype:


You could call it the “basic weapon” of the electric class. It’s cheap, and often comes already equipped when starting a new game. It’s not super strong, but it has a decent range and fires quickly. While it might not cause huge damage, it’s really accurate as it shoots a basic electric projectile straight in front of your hero.


This weapon fires a direct current discharge that links your hero to the nearest enemy within its range. It doesn’t matter if they’re behind, above, or below you. This is made possible by a device that utilizes potential differences… or something along those lines. You might want to check in with your trusted electrician for more details!

In the first stage the downside is that it does not have a great range, but it will improve as you progress through the stages.


This wicked contraption is an actual random lightning generator! If you can get your hands on this weapon, you’ll unleash real lightning that zaps in random directions around your hero. It packs immense power and covers a vast range.

However, due to its high power demand, the firing rate is really slow. It takes a considerable amount of time to recharge between shots.


The weapon in question discharges a sphere of energy around the character, making aiming an obsolete skill.
Obviously, all this comes at a high price in terms of both rate of fire and range.

Volt Sucker

Imagine a weapon that converts electricity into life – seems implausible, right? But in the realm of KTBAFTB, scientists have twisted the laws of physics to craft unimaginable weapons. This basic device grants you the ability to regain 1 HP whenever you defeat an enemy.

Fire class weapons

Weapons in the fire class use… welll… fire to deal damage. However, my goal was to take fire-slinging to the next level, by making each weapon have its own twist on how it uses fire to deal damage.


The “basic weapon” in the fire class is moderately fast and boasts a good rate of fire. While it’s not overly powerful, it’s effective enough to melt through the carapace of most colossal insectoids with its searing bullets.


Ah the good old classic, does this weapon really need any introduction?
Fiiiineeeee! It’s a flamethrower, it spews out flame, and is very potent at burning bugs.


This weapon shoots a volley of fire projectiles in a 180° radius around your hero, making it a breeze to hit those pesky enemies attempting to attack from above.

Fireball Launcher

This launcher will shoot a fireball (yes, just like the ones in Fireball Island) directly in the direction of the nearest enemy. Good range, but very low speed and rate of fire.


This weapon unleashes a cascade of liquid fire right in front of the hero, powerful enough to incinerate any insectoid within the wide cone it creates.

And that would be it for today. Please bear in mind this is just a handful of the two weapon classes of Keep Those Bugs Away From The Bomb.

Make sure to let me know what you think about those weapons in the comments, or join the Retrovibe Discord, share your thoughts in the KTBAFTB channel.

See you in the next one, where I’ll go through the weapons of the remaining Nuclear and Metal classes.

Till then,