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Nanokings » Devlog 3: Pace is picking up

Greetings fellow vikings,

Here is our weekly devlog:


  • Interviewing Marketing interns to help with content creation and SEO
  • Creating content and promoting our first Alpha test
  • Reaching out to indie gaming podcasts for coverage
  • Continued writing viking tribe stories
  • Started writing about Zuluk’s back story

Artwork/Sound effects:

  • Finished designing game UI such as: Main Menu, LevelUp, Start Panel, Pause menu.
  • Working on Death/GameOver and Upgrades panel UI Design, and UI animations.
  • Made a sketch drawing for the upcoming Ferret Boss.
  • Three power ups were designed, Movement speed, Damage Type Damage and Damage Type Critical
  • Three Currencies were designed, tooth, skull and gears
  • Started to make sound effects for character/beasts movements, weapons and environment objects

Game development:

  • Started implementing the new UI for Pause Menu, Death Page, and Main menu
  • Fixed a bug that enemies spawned on top of map assets and get stuck there
  • Fixed a bug with the level and XP bar and changed the color
  • Fixed a bug, background parallax effect now moves with player not camera
  • New tileset system for increase usability in foregrounds and edges
  • Enemy spawner: Weighted random spawning implementation

That’s it for this week. Hope you guys have a great weekend and feel free to ask us any questions or share your thoughts.

– Axel and The Nanokings Team