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Nanokings » Devlog 2: Push, Push

Hello great vikings,

Here is our weekly devlog:


  • Content creation for alpha (You can sign up now btw
  • Reaching out to Indie game podcasts, hope they pick us up!
  • Extra beautiful banners on all our channels
  • Backstory about Runik Dagaz and Veiða Heiðir tribe
  • Items and pickup functionality, text and origin story
  • Breakable objects/light sources backstory and functionality text


  • Map size increase and map assets are still in polishing
  • Death animations have been improved on our ferrets
  • Status icons have been created
  • Redesign of the radiations staff is completed

Game development:

  • Fixed Character collider and improved
  • Fixed experience bar and its color changed to purple
  • Fixed Character and moab walking through rocks
  • Fixed text info on experience bar
  • Fixed breakable objects in map spawning on top of other assets
  • Fixed Items/pickups stacking on top of each other from killing mobs
  • Fixed now that knockback makes mobs slide not teleport

That’s it for this week. Hope you guys have a great weekend and feel free to ask us any questions or share your thoughts.

Ps. If you missed our first blog you can catch up on it here:

– Axel and The Nanokings Team