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Survivors of the Dawn » Devlog #1

End of Post-Release Week 1 & Our Plans?

Howdy Partner!

Today marks exactly 1 week after the release!!

After 1 year of solo-development and all the ups and downs it feels unreal to show it to all of you and see how much fun you are having in the game.

It’s been hell of a week, but once more we can’t thank you enough for all the support and love you have showed for Survivors of the Dawn!

We have heard all the feedback you have sent us over Discussions and Discord so here’s:

What to Expect in the Near Future:
  • Weapon variety in progress. (5 new weapons already under development)
  • Variety of content (Floor Objectives, Terminal Tasks, Items, Shops, and Characters etc. wise)
  • Full controller support is coming sooner than you expect so keep an eye on that.
  • More detailed UI, pause screens; items, passive-active upgrades, synergy classes to be more available.
  • The sounds may become messy through the later stages in the game so, it is prioritized to be polished.

Here’s what we plan to accomplish until the full release (May subject to expand even more)

The Overall Roadmap:
  • 8/30 Auto Weapons Weapon variety is one of the top priorities so expect a handful of them in the upcoming updates.
  • 3/10 Characters: The crew is planned to grow so we are keeping an eye out for new members.
  • 20/30 Item Variations
  • 2/4 Maps
  • 4/10 Terminal Tasks
  • 10/50 Various Random Events: They are planned to be give you more control of the in-game balance along with the connection of the story.
  • New Meta Progression Elements: You must learn how to spend your Bounty Bits more reasonably sooner or later.
  • New floor objectives
  • Optimization: It is the key component of our game so we plan to serve you the best experience possible.
  • Enemy and Boss Variety: New enemy and boss behaviors are planned so that you don’t die out of boredom instead of them.
  • UI improvements
  • SFX balance and improvement reworks

Along the way through 1.0, we plan to balance the game. We would like to improve the game with the community to the best potential so, pease join us in our journey and don’t hesitate drop any feedback or suggestions you have with us.

Plus, don’t hesitate to let us know in the comment below if you’d like any of them to be prioritized.

What’s been fixed meanwhile:
  • Diffculty balance
  • Achievement balances
  • Optimization (projectiles, horde movements)
  • Map is limited after time limit is done on Boss floors.
  • Droids empowered
  • Stats not changed on the upgrade screen
  • Timer hits “60” seconds on the UI
  • Grisly Fee Achivement issue
Known Bugs:
  • MacOS system achievements issue on MacOS
Localization Updates:
  • Spanish (Spain) updated. (Special thanks to Alberto Gómez Herrera (Estyx Translations)
  • Chinese translation improved.
  • Russian translation improvements in progress.

Huge thanks & cheers!
indieGiant Games 🤘🏻