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Arcane Depths » Devlog #1: Map overhaul

Hello! This is the first ever devlog for Arcane Depths, Devlog #1, December 2023 report, featuring map overhaul. Here is a comparison gif showing a transition between SHMUP Feste demo and current version of the game.

For the past month i’ve been busy with updating the games background visuals, map generation, room system and it’s level design foundations.

Map generation

Until now the game had a Slay the Spire like map generation system. It worked fine but it just didn’t feel right. Also minimap on the hud looked terrible. I didn’t want players to look at a giant map, check the rooms ahead and decide which way to go. It doesn’t feel right for an action-roguelike game. Instead i implemented Hades-like map generation, where the map generates as you go and next rooms contents are displayed on the door. I combined this with some of the rules of map generation from Slay the Spire and results are looking good.

Room contents

reviously rooms were generated procedurally. Although the idea of procedurally generated rooms sounds great, it was much easier for me to just handcraft rooms while providing a much more pleasent gameplay experience and visuals.

Room types

Previously there wasn’t enough room type and reward variety. I aimed to fix that issue. Here is a list of room types.

  • Entrance: First room. Doesn’t provide anything at the moment.
  • Boss: Final room of a map, provides an epic boss fight!
  • Combat: After defeating enemies gives one of these rewards: Random new spell, random spell level up, coin, stat increase based on 3 random choices.
  • Non-combat: 3 types exist at the moment:
    Treasure chest -> Random new relic
    Fountain -> Heals to full health
    Shop -> Provides new upgrades, upgrade level ups or consumables in exchange for coin.

Room visuals

Previously rooms didn’t look great, it didn’t have any contrast and it didn’t provide any information about the rooms content. Now it looks much nicer, ground has multiple features such as grass, road, rock and void thingy. It provides some contrast and makes it easier to identify rooms.

Room walls and obstacles

Since rooms are handcrafted, rooms walls/borders are changed so that each room can provide a unique/varied experience and strategies. Some rooms borders split the room in two while others are cramped and so on.

Destroyable props

I added some destroyable props! They give the game an alive feel, especially when enemies destroy them.

Whats next?
  • Updated enemies
  • Elemental reactions
  • New relics and spells
  • Shop system
  • Player character animation (hopefully)
  • Updated Steam page