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Eldritch Exterminators » Devlog #1: Abilities, Ichors, and Runes

Greetings and Salutations, fellow Vessels!

We are here today to bring you news on some upcoming changes and additions to the game! We are getting closer to bringing in the final boss for the forest level, and introducing some new systems for you to tweak your build with.

Ichor flasks, containers holding the blood of the Old Ones have started to drop from the minions of darkness. These new items will grant you strange and mysterious new artifacts to help you carve a path of destruction and claim the heart of a Dark God!

These will come into play along with an ability rework, allowing you to use any Vessel ability on any weapon. Some of the more unique ones will have unlock conditions associated with them though, so don’t expect to be waltz right in blowing everything up.

[Screenshot of the new abilities coming with the next update]

We are also adding in a new map objective, “Runes,” that will have you collecting an item that must be delivered safely to a predetermined location. These Runes will add in a variety of effects, such as giving you another artifact choice on level-up and soul magnetism. These are just a couple of the possible options, so give them a try once the update worms its way into your magical computer box.