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Antipaint » Development Update #8

We’re back with another development update. Here’s what we’ve been cooking!

Item Sets

You can now collect themed item sets. At first you can only obtain a single starter item from a set, but once you grab it, all the other items become available. Feel like becoming a robot that generates art? There’s an item set just for you! Do you think food is the ultimate form of art? We’ve got you covered! All the item sets will be available in the full game.

More Choices

More choices have been added into the game. You can choose different paths to progress through the game, with different challenges and rewards. You can complete mini quests to get powerful items and then you can use the paint mixer to trade them in for a different item. Alongside that, many new items have also been added!

Demo Overhaul

The demo received a significant overhaul. It’s now longer, features more items, different brushes and two bosses. Check it out! Let us know what you think! Analytics have also been added, but they are optional. They should help us tweak and balance the game, so it helps a lot if you allow them!

Other Stuff

A lot of other minor changes have been done. There’s now an inventory screen which you can open with TAB. The enemies leave giblets on the floor when popped. There’s fancy new music! Antipaint is coming along nicely, so if you can – play the demo, spread the word and keep on painting!