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Antipaint » Development Update 2023-04-15

Greetings! It’s time for another development update. I’ve been working on a lot of very cool things and I’m excited to show you everything. Let’s go!

Playable Characters

As you can see in the new trailer, Antipaint now features 7 playable characters, each with a different flavor. All characters feature different strengths and weaknesses, allowing you to jump into the game with a different playstyle.

We’ve got the basic well-rounded Vanilla, then there’s the glass cannon Sky and also Lavender that starts the game with a bunch of painting buddies plus a bunch more. I’m excited to see what kind of builds and strategies everyone will try and use with each character!

Brush Rework

The brushes have been slightly tweaked, balanced and in some cases reworked. The powerful supermoves now use less energy but also have a lesser effect, so you can use them more frequently, but also be able to save up energy for items.

Brush upgrades are now also a thing – you can buy them in the shop and each brush has a unique effect that you can enhance with several levels of upgrades. Fire additional droplets, make projectiles bouncy, steal energy on hit – all part of the upgrade system.

Fame and Shop Improvements

Antipaint now also tracks your level of fame. If you do well, your fame level increases and you gain access to better items, plus some other side-effects. The item shop itself has also become a much livelier place, featuring brush upgrades, a painting auction and branching exit paths.

Will you dare enter the rainbow and to try and get some special rewards?

Other things

The game visuals have also been slightly adjusted, the player and enemies are larger and there’s a bit of a side-view perspective going on, which looks a lot better, especially in boss fights. It also allows the characters to have fun little walking animations, breathing a bit more life into the game.

I’ve also added a bunch of content into Antipaint – bosses, items, enemies, painting styles have joined the existing roster, increasing it substantially, with even more content to come.

I feel that Antipaint is nearing it’s release and I’m very excited to see everyone play!

Until next time!