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Antipaint » Development Update 2022-01-22

Hello there!

It’s been a while, so here’s a progress update on Antipaint and all the cool stuff I’ve added since my last post.


A very fun aspect of making a roguelike is coming up with all sort of crazy and fun items. To that end, Antipaint now has almost 50 items. I had a great time implementing these and I still have quite a few item ideas left so the list of items is only going to grow bigger!

Paint Surge

I’ve added a new mechanic into Antipaint – the paint surge. It happens when you splat enough enemies in a short amount of time. Once in a paint surge, you shoot and move faster. There are also several items that interact with the paint surge, allowing you to build a character that can rely on surges to deal with foes.

New Art Styles

Ever wanted to make mosaics like Gaudi? Now, you can! I’ve added a bunch of shape-based art styles that you will get when playing the game, creating even more cool and unique art!

Color Fight

A cool new level that you get is a color fight. In it, two colors battle each other to control the largest area of the canvas. The winner will give the player a unique, color-specific item that can only be obtained through color fights.

Other Improvements

There are many more changes – there is now an item shop, the UI was changed, there are new enemy types… If you want to see all the cool new things that I’m working on, join our discord server! I post regular updates there. You can also share your own ideas, give feedback and be the first to hear about new and great things coming to Antipaint. See you there!

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