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Antipaint » Development Update 2021-04-18

Hello there, Determined Doodlers!

Here’s a monthly update on the stuff I’ve been working on.

Steam integration

This month marked the milestone of uploading the first game builds to steam and integrating some neat steam features like leader boards and cloud saving. This puts us one step closer to being able to release and gives way to some fun game modes like…

Daily doodle

A challenge mode where you compete for the top score on a randomly generated level. The level is the same for all players around the world and is regenerated each day. You will now be able to show off your skills and determine the best artist daily!

Survival mode

One more special game mode that came to life this month is the survival mode. Here, the goal is to stay alive for as long as possible. The level is infinite, the enemy variety changes over time and everything gets harder and harder the longer you survive. If you’ve ever wanted to fill every part of the canvas with paint – this is the game mode for you.

Glow in the dark paint

I’ve added some neon glow levels into Antipaint. So now the paintings you end up with can have a nice futuristic neon sign feeling.

Other changes and tweaks

I’ve also added a bunch of minor features and tweaks to the game. If you narrowly avoid an enemy, you get some extra points and a neat little popup to indicate your close call. The level loading transition received a facelift and now looks like proper brush strokes covering your screen. There have also been various UI tweaks and fixes and some game balance changes.

Once again, thank you for reading and if you like what you see, make sure to wishlist Antipaint to get notified when it comes out. Cheers!