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Antipaint » Development Update 2021-02-18

Greetings, Prospective Painters!

It’s time for another Antipaint development update. Here’s what I’ve been working on.

Camera Zoom

Just after posting the previous development update, TheDane from our discord server suggested a neat little feature – the ability to zoom out to see the whole painting. So I implemented it. Cool!

Boss Fights

Antipaint needed a big baddie battle. So I began experimenting with a boss design. I want the final game to feature several different bosses, all with their own unique quirks. This one is a bit simple, he charges at you, then turns around and does it again. If you hit it enough, it will start spawning minions and moving faster. Simple, but effective.

Scaredy Enemies

In order to shake things up a bit I’ve added an enemy that runs away from you instead of running towards you. With this groundbreaking design it becomes a bit easier to paint something you want as you can guide these little fellas to where you want them to be. Or you can just splat them.


I’ve toyed around with the idea of symmetry and I am really liking the results. It allows me to create very different and neat-looking paintings. It also adds some complexity into the game as it’s a bit harder to spot the enemies as there are several moving lines on screen that do not contain enemies. Neat!

Demo Build

I’ve recently released a demo build on to gather some feedback. You can check it out here. Please hop on the discord server afterwards and share your thoughts!

Other Things

I’ve also been spending some time on refining and optimizing the UI and getting things to work with a controller. These tasks aren’t as fun or glamorous, but you’ve got to do them. Apart from that I’ve also tweaked some animations, added some neat little camera bobbing, changed up a few sprites and fixed various issues.

It’s been a productive month and things are moving along nicely.

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