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Discvivors » Development / Status update – October 2022

Hello everyone,

I wanted to start by apologizing for the delay in getting out some updates and new content. A series of unexpected events happened combined with starting a new full time job that resulted in me needing to do a bunch of sudden travelling back and forth across various states the past several weeks for both personal things and work. Because of this I was unable to dedicate the time needed to work on the planned updates. Now that things have settled down a bit and I am back home for the time being I am going to make some time to work on the updates. I am going to try and get the first update out by the end of this month, barring anymore major unexpected events. I will also be going through some additional life events and moving over the next 2-3 months so I may encounter some additional delays in future updates during that time, but once those changes and my move are complete I’ll have plenty of time to continue additional work on the game and hope to get back on track with the original schedule of fixes and new content.