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Alien Slayers » Development discontinuation notice


We are truly sorry to deliver the heavy news of the discontinuation of development to those who have purchased and enjoyed Alien Slayers.

We tried our best to release the game in the early access area between development and release, but we were unable to continue development due to the game’s fundamental limitations and lack of fun caused by a lack of game design capabilities, and the resulting low sales.

During the hiatus, we tried various ways to fund development through a separate business, but were unsuccessful, and ultimately realized that even if we released the game, we wouldn’t be able to look forward to the next.

Trust once broken cannot be restored, but we will continue to develop new games in the future, and we will write a notice to those who purchased Alien Slayers so that they can return the favor in some form through the next game.

Thank you for your interest and trust in Alien Slayers, and we will try harder not to disappoint you next time.

Thank you.