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Kill The Crows » Developer’s Letter #2 – Out first gaming convention!

Howdy, gunslingers!
We greet you with our second developer’s letter.

It’s been almost three months since the release of Kill The Crows.
During this time, we participated in the Realms Deep event and the Steam Scream Fest, leading to a hectic autumn. We’ve not forgotten to add additional language support, bug fixes, and the much-requested controller support!
This week, we are expecting to add first content update. Being able to continue nurturing the game post-release has been possible thanks to the interest and support from all of you gunslingers.

To be honest, we were worried about facing the players directly before the game’s release.
Being our first game, it had many imperfections, lacked content, and above all, we had seen many great games on Steam disappear without a trace, leading us to believe ours wouldn’t be any different.

But upon releasing Kill The Crows, we were truly moved by the amazing community that formed.
We saw numerous videos, streams, reviews, and even guide and fanarts, creating fantastic content. When we couldn’t fix the bug that reset key bindings and asked the community for help, we were grateful for the gunslingers who kindly explained how to reproduce the bug!
You all are the best community ːktc_isabellasmileː

I’ve gotten a bit long-winded.
The news I bring today is that Kill the Crows will be participating in the G-Star, which is gaming convention in South Korea, through the indie showcase supported by Stove Indie!
The event will take place over four days from November 16th to November 20th at BEXCO in Busan, South Korea.
At the G-Star, you’ll be able to get free Kill The Crows merchandise and experience new content that has not been revealed yet. We’re busy preparing for the update and G-Star at the same time, but we’re working hard!

Up until last year, I attended G-Star as a visitor, promising myself that I would create a wonderful game and have a booth of my own. Thanks to all of you, I’ve been able to fulfill that promise much sooner than expected.

As I mentioned above, the content update is scheduled for release this week!
Are you ready to complete new tasks, equip new gear, and face tougher enemies?
Some of the content in this update includes features requested by the community. (Of course, a Western game should naturally have dual wield!)

Thank you for reading this post.
See you on the G-Star!