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Fabular: Once Upon a Spacetime » Developent Update

Hey all, just a quick Fabular update:

We’ve had some internal hiccups that slowed down development in the last couple of months considerably. We’re now gaining back momentum and working on the next big update, which is Realm 4. It’s an open secret that thematically this realm will be centered around 🔥.

Most of the enemies are done and we are working on the boss-fight at the moment, which is bigger and juicier than anything before. It’s also a little-bit of a new approach in gameplay so things take a bit more time to develop. We don’t want to spoil it too much, but I’ll include a tiny teaser.

We still need to do some more events and combat balance as well, so we ask for your patience as things take shape. We’ll be doing smaller updates here and on our Discord server as well, when we feel we have something to share.

Thank you for your support, and keep in touch! 🚀