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Gatekeeper » Devblog #1 – Meet Pandora!

Hello Gatekeepers!

As we get closer to the release of Gatekeeper, we’ve accumulated a pretty solid amount of things we’d like to share with you.

While the team is working hard on polishing the game and fixing bugs, let’s talk about one of our new playable characters – Pandora.

Being a talented mage in her own world and having sacrificed herself to save her kind, she was summoned by the Creators to protect the Heart of Time.

Greatly relying on her ranged skills, Pandora is surely a burst damage character. Just have a look at those amazing abilities:

Every enemy was severely harmed while we were recording this gif

Having less HP compared to other existing gatekeepers, her additional “dash” skill creates a healing circle (teammates will definitely appreciate that).

Don’t want to spoil the discovery part for you, so we hope you’ll enjoy exploring other skills, their evolutions (for Eclipse players – yes, now you can evolve skills), and various kickass builds.

Pandora went a long way through design & development process, the idea was there since the very beginning and it was always about skills usage. Initially, she dealt extreme damage with long cooldowns, but watching people play, we noticed it’s just boring to roam around waiting for skills to refresh. Later on we cut the cooldowns as well as skills damage, but, as we noticed during our closed playtest it eventually brought Pandora too close to our another character – Hybrid. So after several other iterations looks like the perfect balance is achieved.

Hope you folks enjoyed reading that and will enjoy playing Pandora even more!

Thank you,
Gravity Lagoon

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