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Kagura Survivors: Endless Night (nsfw) » Dev: Revamping Kagura Survivors Environments – Stage 1

It’s no secret that visual appeal is at the heart of any immersive gaming experience. But achieving that cohesive look is often easier said than done. The environment, in particular, poses unique challenges and opportunities. We’re here to share our approach to reshaping the environment within Kagura Survivors: Endless Night.

Achieving Coherence Across the Map

The first and foremost goal was to bring visual harmony to every corner of the map. This requires that every element follows the same graphic style and perspective. Since the environment serves as the backdrop for Kagura, the enemies, and all abilities, it must tie everything together.

Having a clear idea of how the sprites & ability effects looked allowed us to visualize how the entire environment should be. Here’s a breakdown of the changes we’ve implemented:

Simplifying the Tileset

We noticed the previous tileset could have been quieter, compromising the sprites’ readability. Therefore, we aimed to declutter the tileset to align it better with the abilities and character sprites.

We quickly settled on a plain tileset with strategically placed details scattered across the field. This simple design highlights the character sprites and creates a seamless visual experience.

Objects and Details: Less is More

With the game’s fast-paced nature, objects with too many details can quickly become a distraction. We’ve decided to emphasize large shapes with minimal details rather than complex textures.

This approach keeps the environment engaging without overshadowing the main gameplay.

Enriching the Map: Exploring New Landmarks

Our redesign is not just about aesthetics; it’s about enhancing the game’s explorative nature. While the map layout remains the same, we’ve introduced one or two eye-catching landmarks in each area.

These landmarks enrich the game’s visual appeal and serve as navigational cues, making each area worth exploring.

Your Thoughts Matter

This is an exciting step in our ongoing commitment to make Kagura Survivors: Endless Night look good in every way possible. We value your insights and feedback as we refine the game’s appearance.

Let’s continue to evolve Kagura Survivors: Endless Night together! Keep exploring, and stay tuned for more updates.