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Crystalis Descendant » Dev Log 2

Hello Gladiators

We have some awesome news for you today. We have been busy making our games look and sound better than ever, and we are thrilled to share this with you today. 🎉

These updates include Visual Changes, Audio Changes, Bug Fixes, and some other changes.

We hope you love the new update as much as we do. We value your feedback and support, and we can’t wait to bring you more amazing content in the future. Thank you for being part of our family! ❤️

Without any further ado, let’s jump in.

  • Overkill Time

    Enhancing the look and feel of the game is one of our top priorities. Introducing the
    visually stunning “Overkill Time” state. Crush your foes and revel in the power by killing
    a certain number of Crystallisk. The more kills you make, the longer you stay in this

Temporary upgrades
  • Hive Mind

    Harness the power of the hive mind as you command a swarm of small flying drones to
    accompany you. These drones faithfully follow your lead, intercepting and sacrificing,
    adding a dynamic element to your strategic gameplay.

  • Tinkerer

    A stat upgrade that unlocks a cascade of power! Elevate your minions with each stack,
    transforming them into relentless allies that inflict escalating damage upon the
    Crystallisk. Unleash the might of your upgraded minions and conquer the hordes with
    unparalleled strength!

Additional Crystallisk
  • Crystalcaster Crystallisk

    Masters of ranged combat, these Crystallisk attack from a distance, using energy
    projectiles or other long-range attacks to target the player. They maintain their distance
    and rain down destruction from afar, making it challenging for the gladiator to

  • Stormbringer’s Fury

    Stormbringer’s Fury Has been reworked into a fine upgrade with multiple strikes falling
    on the Crystallisk making it into an epic experience.

  • HUD overhaul

    The HUD has gone through some iterations and now is one of those cases. Luckily
    Thanks to our community, we know exactly where the pain points are and how to iron
    them out. This version of the HUD is very elegant with clear indicators.

~Boxsun Team