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Xanadu Land » Dev log-11.15 steam update

The Tower of Babel – including the Time Tower and the Space Tower, is suitable for 1-4 people to settle in 1-2 days
Trading market – basic listing transactions and price rise and fall processes
Honor PLUS transaction test
—Remove the Honor PLUS status of all accounts
—The gold coins of all accounts are adjusted to 0
—Can be purchased through the trading market using silver coins
—Or the mall-purchase the Honor emblem and put it on the shelf market
—Activate Honor PLUS to use the trading market
Fixed some bugs in relics and prayers
Preliminary damage formula and balance adjustments
Added the mark of the resonance beast
The effectiveness of Life Bottle and Energy Bottle has been reduced.
Replace some BUFF icons
Preliminary drafting of season inheritance rules – non-season props can be retained until the next season
Currently all bound props in the game have been adjusted to (season) props
Platinum coins will be settled after the season reset

Season reset update expected next week