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Gatekeeper » Dev Blog #3 – New Arena Mode!

Hola, Gatekeepers! Wishing you a Happy New Year! May 2024 bring you all the best🌲

Today let’s talk about arenas and the new Gatekeeper Arena mode in particular, which we aim to deliver in Q1 of 2024.

The mode consists of rounds of various duration and your only goal is to not get killed. When the timer ends and all the threats are eliminated, players receive rewards and proceed to another round. Sounds simple enough but don’t be tricked by that – the place is limited but the enemies amount is not.

We have developed a completely new and distinct enemy spawn mechanisms and different enemy progression curves (both are less forgiving than in the main game). Siren’s spawn was also reworked and on the arena there is no limit for their quantity and they may appear randomly, bringing more chaos to the gameplay. In addition, on arena we are not limited to monsters being an integral part of residential planets, so more enemy combinations are possible.

Like this was not enough, we also made several random events that may happen (or may not) during the arena rounds, creating spikes of difficulty. We would definitely want to not spoil your discovery process, but I can at least advise you to always watch your step and keep looking at the stars.

Regarding the lore – the events take place on a previously unseened planet of Aridune, infamous for its savage and ruthless habitants. Arenas of Aridune attract the most brutal creatures of other worlds to compete in this deadly challenge.

Hope you guys enjoy reading that at least as much as we enjoyed making this mode!

P.S. Of course the mode supports co-op, so teammates are welcome! Hope with the new lobby browser system, it will be much more convenient to find other Gatekeepers!

Thank you,
Gravity Lagoon

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