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Destropolis » Destropolis | Patch 1.1


Thanks for all your feedback, your praises and criticism. It is clear that you enjoy “Destropolis” and want to make it even better. This update is going to make the game more balanced: weak weapons are getting stronger, skills are combining with each other better a items are less polluted.

Full list of changes
  • New content:
    • Two new songs from LukHash – “Better than Reality” and “Cyberninja”.
  • Items:
    • Bullet time powerup – reduced slowdown from x4 to x3.
    • Vortex – now it also damages enemies sucked in. 40 dmg / sec.
    • Turret – fire rate, ammunition and damage increased by 50%.
    • Rebuild City – base drop chance reduced by 50%.
    • Health – it now regenerates 50% of total health instead of just 50 health points
    • Increased chance of spawned item being a weapon from 25% to 33%.
    • Items outside of the screen disappear, making place for new items to spawn (there is a limit of how much items can be spawned at the same time)
  • Skills:
    • Advanced AI – increased additional perks from 1 to 2; “Double Points” drop chance is increased by 100%
    • Bigger radiator – increased heat capacity bonus from 50% to 100%; “Overdrive” drop chance is increased by 100%
    • Crystal ice – additionally to increasing weapon cooling by 50% when stationary, it now also increases fire rate by 50% when stationary.
    • Generator – increased shield regeneration from 50% to 100%, removed shield regeneration delay bonus.
    • Warehouses – buildings have now 4 times bigger chance of spawning items; “Rebuild City” powerup drop chance is increased by 100%.
    • Super Senses – “Bullet Time” powerup drop chance is increased by 100%.
    • Disposable Guns – “Double Damage” drop chance is increased by 100%.
    • Demolition Expert – “Nuke” drop chance is increased by 100%
    • Supersonic Bullets – “Speed” drop chance is increased by 100%
    • Hardened Steel – “Health” drop chance is increased by 100%
    • Turrets MK2 – “Turret” drop chance is increased by 100%
    • Active Defences – “Air Strike” drop chance is increased by 100%
    • Quantum Instability – “Vortex” drop chance is increased by 100%
    • Jamming Signal – you get 50% points for enemies destroyed by themselves.
    • Favorite Gun – complete change of how this skill works. Choose a weapon. Chance to drop that particular weapon is 33%.
    • Phase shield – complete change of how this skill works. It doesn’t cause invulnerability, it doesn’t cause health loss. It decreased shield regeneration delay by -75% and increases “Force Field” drop chance by 75%;
  • Guns:
    • Bazooka – increased damage from 50 to 80; increased explosion radius from 6 to 8; reduced heat generation from 60% to 50% / shot;
    • Mini rockets – increased explosion radius from 3 to 4; increased ammo from 80 to 100;
    • Gauss Gun – increased damage from 50 to 80; reduced heat generation from 80% to 50% / shot.
    • Gauss Shotgun – reduced heat generation from 40% to 25% / shot, increased fire rate from 1.5 to 3 shots / sec.
    • Magnum – increased damage from 50 to 120; increased cooling from 70% to 80% / sec.; increased ammunition from 50 to 100;
    • Laser – increased damage from 250 to 350 / sec.; reduced heat generation from 75% to 60% / sec.; increased ammo from 167 to 333;
    • Shotgun – increased damage from 7×15 to 7×20
    • SMG – increased damage from 10 to 15; increased cooling from 100% to 125% / sec.; increased fire rate from 20 to 25 shots / sec;
    • Assault rifle – increased cooling from 50% to 80% / sec; increased ammo from 200 to 300;
    • Minigun – reduced heat generation from 0.75% to 0.625% / shot; increased ammo from 600 to 1000;
  • UI:
    • Health and shield bar have texts displaying actual value. Icons for health and shield bar added.
    • Select skill window now has a Confirm button, to confirm selected skill. It also has text displaying all previously selected skills.
    • Level number is displayed below the points, instead on the right side of the points. Added small level icon next to level number.
  • Bugs:
    • Fixed bug with controllers not being properly assigned in 2 players mode
    • Fixed bug with Laser not being affected by Overdrive and fire rate skills. Since the laser shoots a continuous beam, fire rate and Overdrive bonuses now increase it’s damage.
  • Fixed some typos
  • Performance improvements.

Due to these changes, all leaderboards will be reset.

If you happen to enjoy the game – please consider leaving a review on Steam and tweeting about it. It really helps me a lot!

Thank you,
Jacek Perzanowski, Igrek Games