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HiveCorp » Demo v.2 and other news

Hello Mercenaries

First of all, we at Counterspell Studios would like to thank all of you for trying out our demo. Your feedback and videos are invaluable for us as developers.

And it has been such a blast watching all of you trying your best to beat the demo!

Demo patch notes

As we’re working on polishing and adding more content to HiveCorp, we also try to keep our Demo as up to date as possible.

  • The demo boss Monarch has been slightly down-tuned.
  • Enemy spawn rates have been adjusted to scale better.
  • The kill VFX/SFX of Elites, Special units and Champions have been updated for better player feedback. They also drop slightly more loot.
  • Added a couple more permanent upgrades to spend resources on.
  • We’ve added Killchains. Killchains is a way for you to measure your current power. Killchains will reward you with minerals and buffs depending on how high your current killchain is. Killchains will be broken if you get hit or if the killchain timer runs out.
  • Lootchests now pop-up near your character instead of spawning outside of the screen. Lootchests now also animate while they are being opened.
  • The VFX/SFX for buffs found in lootchests have also been updated.

What we are working on

As more and more players are trying out our game we stumble upon more and more content that either needs to be added or fixed.

Issues we are working on
  • Enemies getting stuck inside or near trees on Trailblazer.
  • A way to more clearly show that your Overload is ready to be cast.
  • A way to force keybinds to be shown without being intrusive or cluttering.
  • Improving the “first time experience”. We’re analyzing videos and reading playtester feedback to figure out a better way to present HiveCorp’s various mechanics and controls.
  • We want everyone to be able to play our game, regardless of language. That’s why we are planning on localizing HiveCorp to more languages than English. More about this in a later update.

About Counterspell studios

Counterspell Studios is a small two-man indie studio based in Stockholm, Sweden. We love playing games as much as we love making them.

We’re now on a mission to build up our own indie studio and figured that the best way in doing so, is from the ground up. That’s how we got started on making our very first game HiveCorp.

HiveCorp has been developed in our spare time during 2022-2023. We hope you will love it as much as we love making it!

If you do like it, you can wishlist it here on Steam. We need every bit of help we can get to reach out and continue making games! And hopefully one day in the future do this full-time.

Fight on!

Anjou, Counterspell Studios