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Rogue Soulstone » Demo Update v0.3 is now released!

Update v0.3.008 is here and now there are different characters to play with! But first, we’d like to thank everyone that has been playing the game once again, the feedback and the support have been invaluable to keeping the game going!

In this patch, the number one focus was adding the Character Selection system and a couple of new characters for you to try out! The full game will have a lot more than these 3 initial characters though, so hopefully, these will give you a good taste of what the other characters can be!

Key changes:
– Character Selection system implemented. Play as the Spellbreaker, the Arcane Weaver or the Lone Hunter!
– Once again major balance changes to better tune the game;

New spells:
– Shoot (Lone Hunter exclusive): Fires an arrow in a straight line, dealing 25 damage to all enemies hit and applying Fragility.
– Rain of Arrows (Lone Hunter exclusive): Shoots multiple arrows at the target location, dealing a total of 80 damage and applying Stun for 5 seconds.
– Arcane Missiles (Arcane Weaver exclusive): While attack is channelled, you automatically fire an arcane missile that seeks a random nearby target, dealing 30 damage in a small area.
– Arcane Explosion (Arcane Weaver exclusive): Summon a large arcane explosion at your position, dealing 20 damage and spreading the strongest Burn, Chill and Doom effects in any of the targets, to all of the targets, refreshing their durations.

Balance changes:
– Void: Now lasts 6 seconds down from 10;
– Void: No longer applies Doomed;
– Void: Pulling radius reduced from 8 to 6;
– Void: Pulling force reduced from 2000 to 1500, and massive enemies should no longer be affected by this spell;
– Flame Wave: Reduced initial damage from 100 to 40;
– Damage from falling into the void has been reverted from 5 back to 20;
– Increased damage done by all enemies starting from Tier 2 considerably;
– Reduced health of all enemies starting from Tier 2;
– Increased the pushback from the Explosive Goblin considerably;
– Units will now spawn up to the intended Tier 5 (instead of stopping after Tier 3);
– Increased the cooldown of Dash from 0.6s to 0.8s;
– Agile: Movement speed increased from 10% to 15% per stack;
– Unbreakable: Damage reduction reduced from 2 to 1 per stack;
– Explosive Reflexes: Damage increased from 20 to 50;
– Explosive Reflexes: Now also applies Burn for 50 damage over 10 seconds;
– Spontaneous Combustion: Chance to proc increased from 5% to 10% per normal hit;
– Touch of Ice: Chance to proc increased from 5% to 10% per normal hit;
– Fateful Strikes: Chance to proc increased from 5% to 10% per normal hit;
– Decimating Strikes: Chance to proc increased from 5% to 10% per normal hit;

Alexi, the Plaguebearer:
– Health and damage increased from Tier 2 onwards;

Other changes:
– Added new sounds effects and atmosphere;
– Fixed issue where the boss would just… commit suicide;
– Fixed issue with spreading effects (Festering Strike and Arcane Explosion), which was working inconsistently;
– Fixed an issue where Poison Bomb would not keep applying stacks to enemies standing on top of it as intended;
– Fixed targeting areas, so that player spells are blue;