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Rogue Soulstone » Demo Update v0.2 is here!

The first-ever update v0.2.007 is now out! Before going through the changes, we’d like to say a HUGE thank you to everyone that tested the game so far, the feedback has been awesome and a lot of the changes you see here come from the community!

Here is the full list of changes for this patch. We wanted to focus on the main issues players are having for now regarding balance and usability. Not all of the known issues are fixed yet, but we feel like these changes are crucial and should improve the gameplay considerably while allowing more customisation via the settings menu. Below is the full list of changes:

Key changes:
– Character attacks automatically if Main Skill button is held down;
– Added Camera options in the Settings menu so you can control sensitivity and few other options, exciting!
– Added Resolution options in the Settings menu, almost as exciting as above!
– Common enemies now drop Minor Soulstones, which soon you will be able to use to upgrade your character through the Skill Tree!

New spells:
Flame Wave: Causes a large explosion at your position, dealing 100 damage to nearby enemies, applying Burn and pushing them back. You are also propelled into the air, but take no damage from the explosion. (suggested by magpy@Discord)

Balance changes:
– Damage from falling into the pit reduced from 20 to 5;
– Festering Strike: Base damage increased from 5 to 50;
– Fire Bolt: Base damage increased from 30 to 60;
– Fire Bolt: Now pushback also affects you (but not the damage);
– Frost Bolt: Base damage increased from 20 to 40;
– Glacier: Base damage increased from 120 to 150;
– Lightning Bolt: Base damage increased from 60 to 120;
– Meteor Shower: Base damage per meteorite increased from 20 to 30;
– Poison Bolt: Damage increased from 250 to 400 over 25 seconds;
– Poison Bomb: Initial damage increased from 5 to 40;
– Poison Bomb: Initial Poison effect damage increased from 80 to 200 over 25 seconds;
– Poison Bomb: Additional Poison stacks damage increased from 20 to 50 over 25 seconds;
– Red Pillar: Increased health by about 20%, and the number of enemies spawned;
– Green Pillar: Increased the rate at which it spawns enemies;
– Reduced experience required to level up by about 10%;

Alexi, the Plaguebearer:
– Health reduced considerably early game (by about half, depending on timing), but increased in later tiers;
– Poison Volley skill will now only be active in Tier 2;

Other changes:
– Fixed an issue where some skills could appear twice, allowing you to have two of the same skill;
– Fixed an issue with aiming projectile skills;
– New visual effects for Goblin Explosive Charge;
– Added “Restart” button to the Pause menu;