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Reality Break » Demo Update v0.15.0!

Hi everyone!! The Demo has once again been been updated with many improvements over the past month. They include QoL, performance, and balance improvements alongside dozens of bug fixes!

Here are the v0.15.0 patch notes, with a link you can click on the bottom to go to previous updates.

A few highlights from this update:

Shared Loadout Items

By player request, items are now shared across loadouts until you equip a different item in one of your loadouts. See the patch notes for more info.

Revised Affix Type Rewrite

When an item rolls the Affix Type rewrite path, instead of progressing through other affix types with increasing values, you now get a choice of directly changing to another rolled affix or souping up the original affix. There were many cases where the last affix on an item wasn’t the best one, even though it was rolled at the highest affix power, leading to the weird situation where you might be flying around with an un-starred rewritable item.

As always, thank you so much for playing Reality Break!!