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Helmscape » Demo Update v0.1.20

This is a major gameplay update with a focus on core mechanics. Combat should hopefully feel much tighter, more fun, and more skillful for those who enjoy a bit more than just “walk around and auto-attack everything” (which is a totally fine way to play too, but will require more metagame upgrades to be successful).

I also adjusted balance so it’s actually possible to reach the end of the demo (heh).

Gameplay Changes
  • there’s now a Golden obelisk that can be completed inside Groat’s compound
  • most items are much more powerful now…
  • improved hero and enemy animations
  • item rarities are disabled temporarily
  • knockback on all items is much more powerful overall
  • many enemies now have some knockback resistance
  • offhands can be used much more frequently
  • offhands fire automatically in your direction of travel
  • offhands have windup effects to give some time to aim them
  • press “shift” to make your party stop and focus fire in front of you
  • there are now glorious gibs when things are hurt/damaged
  • improved tutorial windows
  • item upgrade choices include all heroes again when leveling up
  • more exciting UI for getting item upgrades and heroes
  • added and improved various sound effects
  • Fig’s shield creates smaller boulders at first, but much larger when upgraded
  • Fig’s weapon knockbacks are stronger
  • Fig’s jump attack now fully interrupts enemy attacks
  • Fig does more damage
  • Fig’s starting sword now actually looks wooden
  • Fig’s boulder has a larger impact radius when bouncing, but bounces one less time
  • Fig’s shield will create boulders much more frequently
  • Min’s fireball gets a lot bigger with upgrades
  • Min’s meteor also gets a lot bigger with upgrades
  • Min’s meteor box cooldown is much lower
  • Min’s pyroblaster throweth giant flames at higher upgrades
  • Han’s arrows and bolts now do some knockback
  • Han’s traps are thrown much more frequently and last longer
  • Han’s Feathercut returns as an unlockable offhand with much more damage
  • Han’s animations are improved
  • Rea’s book of fear is used much more frequently
  • Rea’s book of healio returns as an unlockable offhand with a larger area
  • fix Rea’s leader skill upgrade so it actually increases healing
Other Fixes
  • fix heroes getting stuck if chosen too quickly in camp
  • fix (reluctantly) heroes sometimes standing on chickens instead of mounting
  • fix followers not helping leader if grabbed or knocked out
  • fix some cases where more than one UI window could appear at a time
  • fix a case where a new hero would join when getting a chest