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Starship Scramble » Demo Update v.1 | Quality Improvement and Gacha

Greeting pilots!

Starship Scramble has been out for a month and I have been reviewing every bit of gameplay footage available, and delving into comments and suggestions. This is first update for this demo and I want to polish the game experience to its fullest potential. By the way, if you find this game interesting, or want to share your idea of this game, consider joining our
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Introducing the Tune Up Gacha, you have various way of acquiring the ticket needed to access this machine:

  • Drop from killing enemies.
  • Drop from scanning asteroid.
  • 100% chance drop from killing loot enemies .

A ticket is consumed for each spin. Results varies but all are Tune Ups and allow you to improve weapons at hand. Of course, you can store it for later and use it the original way.

Weapon Merge, 2 1-star same weapons become a 2-star weapon, simple!!! There are 4 tier of Merge and each star-up significantly and uniquely enhances the stats of the weapon, with the impact varying based on the specific weapon. With this mechanic, you will have more cause to spend all the precious coin you have earned, and especially with the burden of purchasing tune-up gone.
Star-up mechanic is most automatically, however, you can force star-up by dragging a weapon and drop on the same weapon and star.

Much and more has changed for the better, but let’s see some of the highlight.

  • Shop has been cleaned up to sell more modules you actually need!
  • Some crews got a visual update to fit the aesthetic of the game, welcome Moo Bat, Monkey and new Mossy Bear.
  • UI response to action, overheating, specialty, cast on cooldown now plays animations to indicate their current state.
  • Couples of audio change and remove the loop sound in Menu.
  • Melee attack will knock enemy back.
  • Elite Health Bar.
  • Asteroid Turret has been removed and asteroid drops from scanning includes repair kit, coin, chance for an escape ship, chance for Gacha ticket, chance for a chest of coin and finally chance that enemies showing up.
  • You can close the Level up screen.
  • Handling Modules are more flexible, you can double-click to instantly remove a module, you can perform swap right in build grid.
  • Power shortage and overloading now have a short animation showing their status.
  • Mouse cursor and mouse actions tooltip are shown in build mode.
  • More juicy visual effect(vfx) for taking damage.
  • Fixing bugs and fixing more bugs that are known!