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Cyclo Chambers » Demo update – New Character + More Items

Hey yo,

First bigger update for Cyclo Chamber has just been deployed, here’s what’s new in this version:

New Features
  • New characterDeadwalker is unlocked after you win 5 runs.
  • New items – 22 new items have been added, which rises a total number of items in the game’s demo to 82.
  • Now you can dash! – Hit Space Bar (the button can be changed in Settings) while walking to perform a quick sprint.
  • Containers – from time to time a floating orb will fly into arena, when destroyed it’ll drop a container. After each scene you’ll have a chance to unlock collected containers to receive what’s inside. Currently there are two types of containers.
  • More sound effect – 5 new sound effects added.

  • A game balancing have been done. Now there are less enemies on the screen, but they are faster. Maximum number of enemies present when boss appears has been halved.
  • The items you unlock when leveling up your entertainers level or when beating chamber with certain characters has been changed. For example if you beat Dark Chamber with Croco you’ll now unlock Sharp Teeth item instead of Sizable Atom.
    P.S. You won’t have to unlock these new items again if you have already unlocked replaced ones.
  • Updated the way pick-ups (HP, rerolls) are dropped. It’s now more consistent and spread out throughout the run.
  • The price of items in the shop and money you own is now shown even if all 3 items have been bought. This allows you to see if you have enough money for another item (after you bought all 3 presented items) without the need to use a reroll.
  • Some other visual and technical changes have been made.

Bug Fixes
  • Game crashing when trying to use a reroll on Randomizer screen.
  • Incorrect item description showing when Space Hog presents you with the offer.

What’s Next

New update for demo is planed for the upcoming Next Fest in February.
After that I’ll be releasing a full version 1.0 of Cyclo Chambers somewhere around end of February, beginning of March.