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GogMagog » Demo Update – Bug fixes and balancing changes

Dear players,
We are hard at work on the game making sure it is a fun experience for everyone.

Things we changed this time around:
– Snipers should spawn on a larger interval, making sure they don’t fire at the same time. Hint: dash has an invulnerability time frame where nothing can hit you, just saying.
– UI interaction flows should be noticeably faster and more explanative.
– Added an Exit Game button on some screens (that doesn’t mean you should press it)
– Added a Deck View button on some screens.
– Jack of all trades increases damage by 40% instead of 20%.
– Changed text of multiple cards and upgrades to explain better their intention
– Explosion upgrade per impact upgrade has it’s effective explosion radius increased.
– Some enemies (go find out) will now pass through Energy Shield.

Bug fixes:
– Numerous font errors and text issues fixed.
– Fixed a bug where Burning Bush was not obtainable in the level up rewards.
– Fixed a bug where Music Volume would not change.
– Fixed a bug where you could upgrade a card even when it’s upgrade slot was not visually enabled.
– Fixed a bug where enemies would not interact properly with Energy Shield

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