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Soul Slayer » Demo Update 3

Dear Soul Slayer,

This update improves player progression in order to acquire rare resources like Blessed Feather’s or upgradeable implants. In addition, all progress in the demo version is now being saved. More additions and changes to the game are listed below.
Lastly, I would like to thank you all for the feedback so far.

  • Player progression is now being saved. Have fun collecting your perfect implants, discovering secrets and creating your own playstyle.
  • Added a new enemy type with an unique behavior for more dynamic gameplay.
  • Changes to the Blessed Feather’s:
    – If you get defeated on an adventure, you will now no longer lose Blessed Feathers.
    – You will now receive 1x Blessed Feather each time you choose a part of your fate.
  • Removed the possibility of an implant being destroyed after player’s defeat. Before this change there was a 50% chance that a random implant was destroyed.
  • Rearranged positions of some friendly NPC’s on the Celestial Island.
  • The amount of owned Blessed Feather’s and Soul Energy during an adventure are now displayed.
  • The cooldowns of active Wanderer Souls during an adventure are now displayed.
  • The cooldowns of equipped weapons during an adventure are now displayed.
  • Changes to the Soul Slayer Select UI and added a tooltip regarding the Slayer Ability.
  • Visual improvements to most enemy designs.
  • Added new visual effects and adjusted some animations.
  • Added and improved animations of Soul Slayer Aero.
  • Minor changes to the animation of the sword attack.
  • Fixed an issue that lead to a false calculation of Soul Energy after using the Unstable Boost.
  • Some minor fixes and changes.
  • Some more UI improvements.
  • Some performance improvements.
  • Changed the movement speed value penalty in one of the Soul King’s Supremacy Events.
  • Increased the cooldown time of Wanderer Soul “Holy Autograph”.
  • Increased the attack speed of Wanderer Soul “Glacier Turret”.
  • Increased the collision and explosion area of Wanderer Soul “Forest Gift”.
  • Adjusted the collision area of Wanderer Soul “Energy Shield”.
  • Slightly reduced the movement speed of Soul Slayer Aero.
  • Increased the base health regeneration time of Soul Slayer Aero.
  • Increased the base health points of Soul Slayer Aero.
  • Increased the base amount for simultaneously element reaction attacks.

Thanks for reading & take care!
– Niifares

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