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NIMRODS: GunCraft Survivor » Demo Update 0.1.1 – Hotfix

Listen up, NIMRODS!

We rolled out a small update that addresses a few issues.

As a small team, we’ve been juggling various aspects of the game, with some team members concentrating on enhancing performance, while others are dedicated to developing future systems that will be introduced in later stages of the game. Stay tuned for more details in the next devlog 😉

Despite NIMRODS appearing deceptively simple, its intricacy lies in the sheer number of bullets that can spawn and the diverse combinations possible (in the millions and more). Such a seemingly straightforward game demands extensive performance adjustments behind the scenes. We’ve been making significant strides in this area and are committed to ensuring that the game runs seamlessly upon its full release.

While the development process has presented its challenges, we’re determined to overcome them and deliver a flawlessly functioning game.

  • Fixed an issue where an error could occur on reload if a weapon had an upgrade that can generate XP
  • Fixed an issue where the Bayonet would sometimes fail to damage enemies in its range

Keep staying amazing, and be sure to continue providing feedback and bug reports!

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