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Dr. Professor Scientist's Weapons Testing Facility » Demo Release, Content Soon Increase

Finally we have our demo out, you can now test the game with two fine disciplines before deciding if you want to peruse deeper into the depths of science.

On to the content, the most interesting one. If all stars align as they seem to be aligning we are about to launch a new Discipline the Clockwork Discipline. Some of you may have played our new game Clockwork Survivors and will recognize some of the ideas.
Everything is however tailor made to fit the world of the Professor Scientist.

As with all disciplines there is something unique about them and Clockwork might have the most different gameplay compared to all others available to them. At least the way how you approach the game.
For example we have a 3 Fold component, a gear system that have different effects depending on how many of them you have in the weapon. They also start weak at the beginning of each round, gaining speed and more gears before being strong at the end of the round.

Spread the word of the Professor, the savior of humanity and meet him in the fields of science!