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Saikyo Robots » Demo Release

Welcome to Saikyo Robot’s Demo release! We’ve gotten lots of feedback from the Prologue which we used to make the game better. Now it’s time to finish the game with its final content! Well that’s what’s yet to come. But what happened so far?

If you’ve read older Devlogs I posted on the prologue, you know that I’ve worked a lot on the tutorial. This time I did it again but it’s different

A new level

We released a new level with … less content! I call it level 0.

Strategy games often have difficult and text heavy tutorials because there is just too much to explain to the player. So I thought, let’s split it up. There is no base with walls and towers in level 0. Nothing to build no scrap to collect. Just combat, upgrades and enemies.


By removing a lot, the player can focus on the few things left. I want the tutorial to be as simple and fun as possible. In level 0 we only teach the player the basic controls. Then they get right into the action until they die. I mean you can win in level 0 too but its ehhh almost impossible. You are meant to lose which sends you to level 1 in which you learn more about the games mechanics.

What’s next?

In future updates we will add still quite a bit. The biggest is attacking the Cloud King’s castle. That’s the evil guy that keeps sending killer robots to your base.

Other than that I’ve been wrapping my brain around unity’s remappable input system. I won’t add it to Saikyo Robots but I want to put it into Saikyo Samurai. It’s a project we paused for a while but since we are finishing Saikyo Robots soon we will be back at it in no time!

The remappable input finally works inside the new secret project I’ve … Ehhh did I talk too much? Well this secret stays between you and me ok? The news about it will come out when I get more than concepts done. But I can share that my wrists are getting healthier. Because of that that I’m able to speed up production of all the games I want to make. I want to make a lot of games!!!

Anyways we just released the demo for Saikyo Robots so give it a try and let me know what you think!

We will soon take down the Saikyo Robots prologue as it’s no more needed. It was always meant as an early demo or beta. Thank you for playing it and leaving reviews. I always love to improve and you made that possible. Thank you!