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Survivors of the Dawn » DEMO PATCH V0.3.420 LIVE NOW!

V0.3.420 Development Updates and Patch Notes

Map Destinations

The universe has been divided for now. Slaughter your way out of hordes whether in the desert or hell. The atmosphere feels way spicier now.
Map terrain issues has been solved!

New Sound

The road to hell oh wait… dawn is paved with sick tunes! Fresh new music has dropped and yeah… whole new SFX who dis?
We want to hear how you feel about them, let us know!


You can now preview then choose the characters before you go right off to the combat.


You need to clear all the floor-specific objectives to head for the next floor.
Survival limit is here, you must kill bosses within that to be able to travel in the next destination now.

Visual improvements

A sight for sore eyes. Did you mean our new maps with brand new models?
Boomer piggies VFX is easier on the eye now, see for yourself.

New Enemies and Boss Behaviours

New marauder horde races has arrived and more is on their way to the dawn and they are not alone! They have brought new boss behaviours with them.

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