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Blood, Fuel, Ammo & Speed » Demo Patch Note 0.83



– Level Up System Removed

– Demon Shrine Added

– Interaction System Added


# Note #

You can upgrade your Stats with Demon Diamond(= D.Diamond) at Demon Shrine.

Some default Key Bindings have changed.
You can check out in Tutorial Room and Input Option.



– Combat Arena 9 Added


– Demons now patrol their area when they are distanced from the player


– Every Weapons and Abilities are rebalanced

– Move speed and Max Health of Demons are rebalanced


– UI placement changed

– Fixed mouse issue (After pick Upgrades)

– Enemy Texture Rendering Fix

– Minor Fixes


# Dev Comments #

We’ve received a lot of feedback about difficulty and balance.

Balance will continue to be modified.
For players who unfamiliar with FPS games, difficulty will be more reasonably adjusted.
Instead, HARDCORE difficulty will be updated for the Fast-paced, Adrenaline-Rush experience.

Thank you for playing and Any Feedback would be appreciated.

See you in the Next Update!