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Vinebound: Bloom and Boom » Demo Now Available!

🌱Hello everyone!🌱
Our demo is now available here on Steam!
Now you can play Vinebound alone or with a friend and experience fighting against the moldy horde while creating your own plantastic builds!

🌿After playing, we’d greatly appreciate your feedback. Your insights will help shape the growth of Vinebound.

🍃Do you think you can survive more than 10 minutes and defeat the powerful boss? Give it a try now!

🌷Why Your Support Matters🌷
As a small indie team, your playtesting and feedback play a vital role in ensuring Vinebound’s being as fun as it can be! Your input will help us identify and resolve issues, fine-tune gameplay, and create an extraordinary experience for all players.
Whether you choose to explore solo or with friends, we’re eager to hear about your journey. Let us know if you’ve reached the “Root of the Problem”, your highest level achieved, and what your favorite food weapon is!
If you have any questions or need assistance, feel free to reach out here!