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Biters and Bullets » Demo Major Update 0.7.0

Update time! Thank you for all the feedback. We have been hard at work fixing bugs and implementing new fun toys.

New stuff

  • Added an active skill system
  • Permanent progression on primary weapon
  • Big UI update

Improvement and Fixes

  • Fixed the GC-crash some users reported
  • Fixed bug that caused second mini-boss to not spawn sometimes
  • Zombies will now explode when you run them over with the car
  • First level up will always give three weapon choices
  • Adjusted prices in Lobby
  • Can no longer attack the final boss from outside the arena (wopsie)
  • Various SFX fixes
  • The wolf has been fixed, it should no longer attack the air
  • Waypointer displays different icons depending on target
  • Added some visual changes on player when equipping weapons