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Survivors of the Dawn » DEMO LIVE NOW!

Howdy bounty hunters!

We’re once again back to invite you to our next Playtest with a public demo!
Head to our Steam page and join us once more in the fun developing Survivors of the Dawn!

Beta V.0.3.4 Development Updates and Patch Notes

Thank you all for the great feedback and support in the last playtest, we have been able to improve the game all thanks to your participation!
Now it’s time to crawl back once more to the brain-numbing nature of Survivors of the Dawn!

New Characters:

Now you have more than one single default weapon choice that is character-exclusive with the Auto-Aim option. All characters have their own unique stats all at your service to choose from before each run.

Main Game Mode:

The original main game mode has returned! Now you are able to travel through the whole interstellar.

Item Variations:

New items alert! We were aiming for them to have a crucial role in building the gameplay loop just so that you can build diversified and even stronger weapon item combos each time. You may have the option to freeze the enemies or many more if you are lucky enough!
– Items are stackable now.


Tasks have been diversified to make the game more dynamic and action-packed. Complete the tasks to get stronger sooner.
4 types of tasks available now:
– Kill within the circle.
– Kill in or out of the circle.
– Stay in the area long enough to open the bounty chest capsule.
– Destroy the hives.

New Passive Weapons:

Remember the passive weapons that seemed abstract but you felt under your skin?
They are right at your face now with features like:
– XP income increase
– Credit income increase
– Pickup range increase

Map Destinations:

You can dive right into combat now. You used to arrive at random events and the shops on the map; however now, they are right in the middle of combat and all you need to do is break through hordes to get to them.
– In the shops, you’ll be able to have more customization control over your run with the purchasable items and character-exclusive weapon upgrades.
– Each choice matters! In each random event, there is an element that holds great importance and you are all on your own to set the difficulty of your next combat now!
-It also comes with a bonus Treasure map on the drive to enrich you onto your next destination.

Procedurally Generated Maps:

All roads lead to Rome? More like no road limit to the terrains, you are free to roam wherever you want, unless hordes try to corner you, oh wait, they can’t! They can only surround you until you exterminate them.

New Main Menu:

Let’s jump right in with the new immersive menu screen design to the seamless transition into options screen.
Oh, and the meta progression upgrades are removed until further notice!


New elite bosses are here to ruin and just so you can understand who you are dealing with, plus to not be too overwhelmed when fighting with them, now you can see the HP of the boss during combat.


New races of enemies have landed, and they even have hives now to never cease bubbling right into your face. Plus, proudly serving the nitty gritty optimization in hordes.

UI Improvements:

We are not an expert at UI/UX, however it is one of our priorities on our route to the best player experience possible, so in the light of that we improved the pause screen when you level up, added more distinct stats and played with the XP bar position. Lastly for the record, we added the weapon reload, you’ll feel you’re in the combat scene on your own now.
A few more notable changes:
– AR removed
– Number keys on weapon upgrades

Quality of Life Updates:

Visual improvements such as vfx and animations can be felt tangibly and trust us it adds to the gameplay feels more now.
– Camera angle have been tweaked.

Audio Improvements:

Music and sfx has been improved to prevent the jarring gameplay and we are hard at work for producing many more to come!

Gamepad Support:

Last but not least, though there is still tons of work to do for the full experience, the partial in-game controller support is available to try out now!


Thank you for tagging along in our journey. We’re super excited to hear what your take on the new features and additions will be, and we’re all ears for your suggestions. You’re invited to our Discord server to help us improve the game to the best experience possible, or even to leave any comments you have.

Stay safe until the next one!

Stay up-to-date and in touch with us on Discord and Twitter.

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