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Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor » Demo Hotfix 0.2.46

You keep finding those pesky bugs and we keep squashing them!

Here’s the list of fixes in the DEMO Hotfix 0.2.46:

• Several fixes to drones, please keep reporting them on Discord. It’s helping us track them down
o Fixed issue with drones not avoiding rocks correctly
o Fixed issue with “Behaviour Chip” Overclock not being applied to future drones gained through other overclocks
o Potential fixed issue with “Behaviour Chip” Overclock, that might have resulted in drones freezing in place, and stopping other weapons from working correctly.
o Fixed issue where Electrical drones would shoot lightning even when inactive.
• Fixed issue with the Payload Overclock for the Boltshark on stage 5 (shooting the small cocoons), which could cause other weapons to behave incorrectly.
• Fixed Bug Taser targeting the Dreadnought Cocoon while it was un-targetable

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