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Missiles Away » Demo Has Been Updated!

Demo has been updated today to address some issues based on feedback! Following improvements were made:

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed the annoying bug where the enemies can move around during the intro of the upgrade sequence. Also now the weapons can fired during slow motion (It looks very cool!). Dying during the upgrade sequence also no longer breaks the game (To be fair, dying in the upgrade sequence is extremely unlikely now).
  • Fixed the bug that caused the missiles to fire when a menu item is selected.
  • Timer now correctly shows the amount of time until the end of the demo.

Quality of Life Improvements
  • Added an indicator to show where enemies are about to spawn.
  • Enemies now make a distinct noise when they are creeping behind you.
  • Spawn tower weak points now explode like the regular enemies, making it clear when they are destroyed.
  • Grapple hook is a lot more forgiving and doesn’t require extreme precision to latch onto far objects.
  • UI was made simpler and easier to read.
  • Added a display that shows exactly how many enemies are present at any given time.
  • CRT effect can now be toggled on or off (Also helps a lot with bit rate issues if you are streaming/recording).
  • Added a display that shows exactly how much XP is needed for the next upgrade.
Game Balance
  • Grapple hook now gives a bigger speed boost.
  • Slightly reduced the wait time at the beginning of each run.
  • Enemy spawn schedule has been updated for better balance.

  • Added proper model and sound effects for the helicopter rotor.
  • Added cool opening screen at the beginning of the run. (Not as cool as firing during slow motion but still very cool!)