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Steller Watch » Demo 2.5 is Out!

Big news! The latest Stellar Watch update is live. Over the past few months, we’ve been fine-tuning the user experience to engage both new players and keep our dedicated fans excited.

We’re Back With More Content!

what’s new?
  1. Hazards: Black holes are just the first taste in this new pillar of our game mechanics!
  2. Enemies: We’re introducing enemies that add a fresh layer of strategy to the game.
  3. Full Procedural Enemy Routes: We’ve moved from partially procedural to fully procedural generated enemy routes for unpredictable challenges.
  4. New Ship: Brace yourself for a whole new ship to command!
What’s Changed?
  1. Visual Clarity: Each enemy now has clearer visuals and color-coded routes to help you adjust your tactics.
  2. Revamped Tech Tree: Navigate through different drone systems with ease thanks to our revised layout.
PAX West Special

If you’re at PAX West this week, come see our latest demo at PAX Rising Showcase area and collect some exclusive drone pins!

We owe our progress to your continued support. Stay tuned; we can’t wait to show you what’s next!

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