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Steller Watch » Demo 2.0 is Out!

Hi everyone,

Our updated demo is now live on Steam and it’s packed with new features and enhancements. Our primary goal was to provide players with more crucial information, thus facilitating better decision-making, all while maintaining a consistent aesthetic.

What’s new?

Ship Yard

New ships are now unlockable! Each one with its unique HP, dark matter, turn speed, and formation.

Tech Tree

Now, you can track the techs you’ve unlocked during your journey. This feature will aid in making strategic decisions when choosing routes.

Drone Information Panel

Quickly determine which drone to deploy next. For the tactics enthusiasts, we’ve included detailed stats.

What’s changed?


We’ve reworked the tutorial to keep it concise yet more informative for new players entering the Stellar Watch universe.

Mods Animation

Updated animations enable players to understand the current status of drones with certain mods equipped.

  • [Buff] Missile: AOE range increased.
  • [Buff] Pulse – Ricochet Mod: Increased probability of jumping to nearby enemies.
  • [Nerf] All Level 2 Drones: Increased cost.
  • [Nerf] Missile – Cluster Mod: Decreased attack range of hot-launched missiles.
  • [Buff] Spinner: Increased rotation speed.
  • [Buff] Carrier: Increased interceptors’ fire rate.

Quality of Life
  • Brightness: We’ve introduced adjustable brightness settings to enhance your gaming comfort
  • Combat Slow Motion: While choosing drones to deploy, upgrade, or sell, we’ve slightly reduced the game speed to prevent unexpected enemy hits when resuming normal speed.
  • Combat Warning Line: Instead of just appearing, the warning line now grows from the enemy’s spawning point towards the ship, providing clearer visual cues for approaching enemy lines, especially during multi-line waves.

Thank you everyone for your valuable feedback. You are the ones making this game better.
Now let’s keep playing!