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Deep Rock Galactic: Rogue Core » Deep Rock Galactic: Rogue Core’s first roadmap is here!

Hello Miners,

Something is wrong in the core of Hoxxes IV. We’ve lost contact with the deep mining operations down there – the Greyout Zone has cut off these dig sites from the outside world.

In Deep Rock Galactic: Rogue Core, you’ll join the elite Dwarven Reclaimers, and attempt to breach the warped depths of the core.

This new game builds on the existing world of Deep Rock Galactic, and expands the core gameplay mechanics into a cooperative, roguelite experience. We’ve got a full, detailed description of the game’s concept listed on the store page, if you want to check that out.

As Rogue Core comes together, we’re taking an open development approach. The game will launch first to Early Access – and leading up to that, you can expect blog posts with sneak peeks, developer interviews, and in-depth explorations of what we’re cooking up. We hope you’ll join us along the way!

We’ve got the very first roadmap for Rogue Core down below. Some of it shows what we’ve already done, and the rest is where we want to go from here.

As always, it must be said: this whole thing is subject to change. This is what we want to do, and when we want to do it – but we can’t guarantee it’ll all pan out exactly like this. If we do change things up, you can trust we’ll communicate that with an update.

Follow along with open development

If you think this sounds cool and you want to catch all the latest developments for Deep Rock Galactic: Rogue Core, we’d humbly ask you to add the game to your Steam wishlist, and hit the ‘Follow’ button on the store page. That helps build some buzz, and it’s the best way to catch all the future updates. 🙂

Also, if you’re wondering what Rogue Core means for the development of base game Deep Rock Galactic, you can read our blog post about that here.

That’s all for now!

Hope you’re doing well, and excited to share more real soon.

With Love,
-The Ghost Ship Crew

Also, we’ve posted this FAQ in the store page, but we’ll repost it here for visibility.

How is Deep Rock Galactic: Rogue Core different from Deep Rock Galactic?
The main difference is the roguelite game structure. In short this means that you start each mission with only the very basics, but as you progress through each run you will get upgrades, equipment and abilities and possibly end up with very powerful builds.
The difficulty will also increase drastically as you progress in a mission, contrary to Deep Rock Galactic where the difficulty is more consistent from mission start to mission end.

Is this Roguelike or Roguelite?
While Roguelike is often used broadly for all kinds of games that have “runs” and “builds”, we deliberately use the term Roguelite to signify that there will be a meta gameplay with permanent progression between missions.

How are we approaching the co-op gameplay in a roguelite?
We are taking on the “co-op first” mentally for Rogue Core just as we did for Deep Rock Galactic. Since the core gameplay builds on DRG it will inherently also feature all the known co-op mechanics, like traversal tools, weapon synergies and laser pointer shouts, not to forget the good old “Rock and Stone”. On top of this, we will experiment with co-op mechanics specifically focused on making a “team build” on the fly and not just 4 individual builds.

Why are you announcing Rogue Core now?
It would be normal practice to wait until we have something more polished to show, to build more attention and hype right away. But we like to start small, and we really want to rekindle that open development feeling again – that means announcing now, in this pre-alpha state, without not so much to show yet.

Where are you in the development of Rogue Core?
All we have at present is a promising prototype built on the core of Deep Rock Galactic, a strong vision for the new game, and a stack of potential ideas stretching to the ceiling and beyond. But we strive to have something much more substantial to show in as early as a few months, and to get a good little chunk of you in there and play it as soon as possible – and then we’ll see where that takes us.

Why are the mining operations lost? What horrors have caused it?
We won’t elaborate on this just yet. But we’re quite happy about our current direction. 🙂

Why is Rogue Core not an expansion?
Since the inception of Deep Rock Galactic seven years ago, we have had the feeling that the core gameplay would work just as well with the roguelike/lite formula. So we started a prototype project as a new gamemode inside DRG. As the prototype evolved, we realised that it had much more potential, and that this would be a great opportunity to return to that open development and Early Access mindset. Thus, it became clear that making it as a standalone spin-off would be the right choice for us.

What happens to Season 5 now we have announced Rogue Core?
Season 5 for Deep Rock Galactic will happen! But due to the work on Rogue Core, Season 5 will be postponed until June 2024. Thematically, Season 5 will be a prelude in advance of Rogue Core. What does that mean then? Well, We are not yet ready to talk about that, since it depends on stuff we develop for Rogue Core. But with the open development approach to Rogue Core it will mean that Season 5 will be developed much more openly than previous seasons. You can read more about that here.

When do you plan to release Rogue Core?
It’s expected to be released into Early Access towards the end of 2024, more specifically in November 2024. But take that with a grain of red sugar.

What will the price be? Will it be cheaper if I own Deep Rock Galactic?
The price is undecided. We will likely create a bundle, so all Deep Rock Galactic owners will get a discount.