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Deathtide » Deathtide Beta 3 Release

We have finally released the complete remake of the game!

Please remember this is an early access release, so even though the new experience is extremely polished, there might be sudden hiccups such as bugs or missing features. Just remember to post them on the forum/discord and I’ll work on a fix!

There is a huge amount of content in this update, here it is:

• Complete overhaul and polish of all game mechanics
(They are too many to list, just play it and see for yourself.)

• 3 Playable Heroes.
• 3 Maps.
• Over 40 items.
• 3 Brand new Bosses.
• Code rework, now the game is more dynamic and there are less performance issues.
• Over 10 different types of enemies.
• A load of New Mechanics.
• Graphics Overhaul.
• Sound Overhaul.
• Interface Rework.

There is a LOT more coming in the next weeks, I’ll wait for player feedback to start working on more changes and adding more content to the community’s liking. I hope you enjoy playing the game, this has been a wild ride, and I’m glad to have finally released it.