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Deathstate: Abyssal Edition » Deathstate – Version 1.02b

Greetings again from the Deathstate team!

We’re readying a new patch which contains a number of tweaks and fixes. It should be going live later today!

The changes are as follows:

  • Tweaked the unlock criteria for Desecration Altars
  • Tweaked the unlock criteria for the Scientist player
  • Tweaked the unlock criteria for the Embalmer player
  • Added messaging to Desecration Altars describing their function
  • Added messaging when switching players to describe their differences
  • Added some new information to the Statistics book, including total time in game
  • Fixed issue that was preventing the Desecration Boss from appearing in the Bestiary
  • Fixed issue causing the game to lock up while leaving the Bestiary, Item and Unlock screens when using the Xbox 360 controller
  • Made some slight tweaks to Xbox 360 controller support to help deal with the player sliding unintentionally
  • Desecration Boss now drops items
  • Removed exploit affecting the Starcreep player

We’d like to thank everyone again for making Deathstate’s launch such a success, and for all the valuable feedback we’ve received from our players. It means the world (and beyond!) to all of us here at Workinman.