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Deathstate: Abyssal Edition » Deathstate Update 1.20

Lessons of the Grand Grimoire

Deathstate 1.20 is now LIVE! Thank you to everyone who assisted with the beta testing.

Major Features:

  • Magic system revamped.
  • Redesigned many Relics to be more interesting and effective.
  • Greatly improved Laser and Mortar weapons.
  • Overall balance tweaks with the goal of increasing the number of viable builds at higher difficulty levels.
  • Added 2 new unique enemies and several new items.  
  • Added a new beneficial potion.
  • Magic Globe pickups will now drop from enemies.

Minor Features:

  • Fixed text blurriness caused by filters. Text should always be crisp now.
  • Corners should be a bit less sticky when moving your character.
  • Standing over an organ or item now displays its name.
  • Reduced the intensity of some screen overlay effects.
  • Added Large health globes that drop rarely.
  • Merchants appear more frequently.
  • Several inhabitants of the final world have new Desecration abilities. Watch out!
  • Insanity Emissaries are now more… interesting.
  • Added new possible map layouts to most worlds.

Tweaks and Bug Fixes:

  • Nerfed Reverse Damage effects. They now stop healing after X heals, and only heal 1 tick per impact instead of being full damage mirror. 
  • Most “Slow Fire” effects (including the Aggravating Brain) now cause your bullets to pierce 3 enemies.
  • Lasers have better stacking with many organs and weapons.
  • Fixed various rendering bugs with lasers.
  • All weapons now benefit The Eye character, even lasers.
  • Reduced the Eye’s base damage stat because lasers are much more powerful now (the Eye’s actual damage output was not reduced).
  • The Embalmer can make good use of mortar weapons now.
  • The Eye and The Embalmer have new activated abilities.
  • Ice weapon slow and freeze effects occur more often.
  • Bubble damage is now improved by Ice Boost stat.
  • Forges and Altars now continue to appear even after their unlocks are earned. They will drop random weapons and organs respectively.
  • Fixed circumstances that could cause Forges or Altars to not appear or become exceptionally rare.
  • Improved the damage scaling on Entropy DoTs.
  • Made confusion heart particles on the player more apparent.
  • Gambling Merchants now have a cap on how much they can charge.
  • Nerfed Otylosh the Fleshbeast and Amon Morax the Demon on Desecration 2+
  • Slightly increased the world time limit on Maze of Ix, Carcassus and Grave of Time.
  • Slightly increased the world time limit on Desecration 1 and above.
  • Slightly REDUCED the world time limit on the final world.
  • Slightly nerfed several enemies in the Temple of Qit on Desecration 0 to make the difficulty more in-line with the Fortress of Torment for new players.
  • Yellowed Eel Guts have new stats.
  • You can now dismiss messages more quickly (such as item stat popups).
  • You must now press a specific key to skip cutscenes, instead of Any Key. Maybe you won’t accidentally skip half of the cutscenes anymore!
  • Fixed a bug that caused the player to sometimes dodge right instead of the intended dodge direction.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the confusion debuff to apply even if you dodge through a succubus heart bullet.
  • Fixed a bug where Insanity progress unlocks did not always unlock. This should work retroactively.
  • Fixed a bug where Prince Ziggur would not unlock in the bestiary. This is not retroactive.
  • Fixed a display bug that caused the player to flicker between poses sometimes when firing.
  • Fixed some issues with music sometimes stopping/starting/changing unpredictably after bosses die.
  • Fixed the level music volume increasing after desecrating.
  • Fixed an issue where lazy Grimoires would take too long to pick new targets when the player has a slowed fire rate.
  • Fixed “best win speed” stat sometimes resetting.
  • Once you’ve played insanity or desecrated a few times, the “warning” messages will cease to appear. You know what you’ve done!
  • You can no longer pick up items while dying. Because you’re dying.
  • Added Zeralith to the credits for seriously exceptional Community QA work.
  • Tentatively fixed Xbox One controller issues.
  • Many other bug fixes based on Community bug reports. Thank you!

Magic Revamp Details:

  • MP no longer regenerates passively, it only regenerates when you deal damage. The regeneration rate scales with damage dealt. 
    * Cooldowns on most abilities and relics greatly reduced. As long as you have the MP, you can usually use them again within seconds. This makes high-MP builds much more interesting.
  • The MP Regen stat is much more effective.
  • All organs granting Max MP and MP Regen stats were improved.
  • Organs that previously reduced Max MP now reduce MP Regen instead. It’s no longer possible for your abilities to become unusable.