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Deathstate: Abyssal Edition » Deathstate Update 1.03

Horrorful Halloween Update

Major Features:

  • Unlock a spooky new playable character: Pumpkin Man! Meet him by striking fear into the hearts of your foes.
  • Discover 3 nightmarish new items, each with a new and unique effect!
  • Most major gamepads should now be supported via the new Gamepad Keybinding Menu!
  • Scanline overlay effects can now be disabled in the Graphics Options menu. Select “Simple Graphics” to remove them.
  • New visual effects for Buffs and Debuffs on characters.

Tweaks and Bug Fixes:

  • Lasers can now properly trigger proc effects (this bug was most noticeable when playing as the Eye)
  • Rebalanced the Seeker’s DoT ability to be more competitive with Scar’s explosion ability.
  • Changed the Cosmic Horror’s ability to be more in-line with his Fire Theme.
  • Teleporting as the Starcreep looks trippier now!
  • The Final Boss has been working out — his health has been increased on “normal” difficulty.
  • Slimes in World 2 and 3 are now more dangerous on “normal” difficulty.
  • Gibberer’s screen distortion range reduced slightly.
  • Several enemies and bosses have gained extra behaviors in Desecration 1+ difficulties.
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes cause stacked buffs to never expire.
  • Fixed a bug that caused bestiary entries to show as new when they weren’t.
  • Fixed a bug preventing tracking of fastest win time.
  • Fixed broken Mandira’s Diadem relic effect.
  • Fixed bug preventing All Players Unlocked achievement from firing
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes caused the player to take fractional damage and make their health meter unreliable.
  • Switched an unlock criteria that required Health+ Potions to count Health Potions as well.