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Deathstate: Abyssal Edition » ​Deathstate: Abyssal Edition has been released!

An ominous Deathstate update has arrived just in time to End the Year!

Explore an endless abyss in the brand new Endless Mode, bursting with new unlocks and surprises. Boggle at new and improved special effects and sounds, improved animations for every character, and polish to every corner of the UI. Recoil in horror from Deathstate 2.0: Abyssal Edition!

Major Changes

  • New Endless Mode!
  • Tons of new animations for every character.
  • Totally updated sounds.
  • Many upgraded visual effects.
  • 9 new organs to find and unlock.
  • Overhauled UI: Redesigned HUD, Cutscene Viewer, per-Player statistics
  • screens, and more!
  • A Comet Passes the planes…

Minor Changes

  • Fixed a number of issues with strange collision in levels.
  • Deathstate now pauses when it loses focus.
  • Added individual music and sound volume controls.
  • Added high-contrast bullet mode to help color blind players.
  • Addressed black-screen issues on some Macs.
  • Tweaked player hit box position to be more intuitive, and enabled hit box display by default.
  • Decoupled dodge distance from player speed to lessen the punishing effect of movement-slowing items.
  • Added another way to dodge – which defaults to the Spacebar. Pressing this while moving will cause you to dodge in the direction your player is moving.
  • Redesigned the Traveling screen to show more worlds.
  • Steam-lined the Unlock screen.
  • Desecration warning is now shown only if you haven’t Desecrated yet.
  • Added messaging describing what happens when unlocking a Demonic Forge.
  • Made shotgun always shoot one “fairly accurate” bullet so you get less insane whiffs.
  • Fixed embalmer being able to avoid self-harm from curse using various tricks.
  • Fixed various boss behavior oddities when you knockback/slow/root them.
  • Fixed drinking potions after death. The dead cannot drink.